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Get an overview of all Asset Administration Shell (AAS) Specifications published by the Working Group „Reference Architectures, Standards and Norms“ and directly access the version that is relevant for you.

Over the course of the last years the Plattform Industrie 4.0 and related organizations have published numerous papers concerning the Asset Administration Shell. The Asset Administration Shell reading guide recommends selected “must-read” documents for different reader groups and will be updated regularly.

Part 1: Details of the Asset Administration Shell - The exchange of information between partners in the value chain of Industrie 4.0

Part 1 of the publication series specifies the information model. This is the basis for modeling and for the exchange of information on a file basis or the access to information via APIs. The main concept is the so-called submodel.

Part 2: Details of the Asset Administration Shell – Interoperability at Runtime – Exchanging Information via Application Programming Interfaces

This part extends Part 1 and defines how information provided in the Asset Administration Shell (AAS) (e.g. submodels or properties) can be accessed dynamically via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). It also describes some infrastructure services: Asset Administration Shells are registered or register themselves and can be easily searched and found without having to know on which server a AAS is hosted.