Product examples: Advisory services, Other
Value creation: Design & Engineering
Development stage: Market launch/piloting
Company size: 1 - 250 employees
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What challenges had to be solved?

To ensure the full transition towards Industry 4.0, becoming ‚Agile‘ is the success factor for all modern organizations.
Transforming HR, one of the key functions of all organizations, towards agile is the basis for a more efficient organ with optimized processes ensuring a better resilience to the constantly changing environment.
For the above-mentioned reasons, this transformation product is the basis for extending the reach of the Industry 4.0 to HR.

What were the concrete benefits?

Thanks to modern connectivity and integrations as well as other technological advances, Reload-HR is able to provide smart and ground-breaking solutions for modern organizations. This includes not only agile transformation but other innovative products and solutions such Chatbots, or the implementation of efficient SaaS based systems.

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How can the Industrie 4.0 approach be described?

Reload HR makes a deep dive into the clients’s specific settings, analyzes the challenges then builds a pragmatic and efficient road map with agile HR projects, laying the basis for the full transition towards agile for HR and accross the organization. Reload HR enables its client to build and develop modern service levels for HR allowing for a wholistic agile target operating model.

What has been achieved?

As the industrial landscape is evolving thanks to the Industry 4.0, Reload HR helps the HR organization to get ready for this change and evolution, and to become the catalyser of this transformation throughout organizations.

The new work organization and full potential of industry 4.0 will be rolled out from within HR. This transformation will be via the bias of industry 4.0 products, Integration Technologies, automations, bots and Artificial intelligence. The early and successful adoption of these products is the vector for expanding industry 4.0 thus the need for a resilient agile organization. Reload smoothen the shift by setting the agile basis and service levels for this organizational transformation and the adoption of these products in a proactive and lean manner.

Whats the hightlight of the solution?

"With our approach, transforming organizations towards agile, we provide the business organizations with an essential framework for shifting into Industry 4.0. Rapid innovation requires an environment that enables and promotes ideas, creativity and implementing daring products in a lean, responsable and proactive manner. For this Purpose, we are setting this agile organizational framework as a pioneer in the human resources sector‘‘ explains Sascha Lutz, Managing Director of Reload-HR.

With which measures the solution was achieved?

Reload HR has been a leading consultancy allowing various clients since 2018 to modernize and optimize their processes and lead their digital transformation via various implementations of various SAP modules and other technologies for HR. This has allowed for a smoother leap towards a more connected and automated workplace and organisation.

As a starting point, Reload HR puts in place the right mechanisms and tools identifying critical pain points in HR, to build the appropriate agile solutioning projects. The company runs bootcamps/workshops to generate agile HR solutions/projects (HR Chatbot, AI based evaluation system, job evaluation engine). As the next step, the projects are prioritized, and Reload HR provides training on agile working methods and tools. Reload HR drives the selected project in an agile iterative way after having assembled the right team. Reload HR continues this exercise and scales up the projects across the organisation as well as the operating model. This allows for a full transition to a modern agile organisation, capable of being integrated in the industry 4.0 ecosystem and adopting newer technologies.

What can others learn from it?

In a more connected and technologically based business environment, being able to take leaps and early adopt newer solution is a critical success factor. RHR's Agile processes transformation and ways of work ease the adoption and integration of these solutions for a smoother transition and lowers the risk for digitizing the workplace and the industry as a whole. An agile Organization, fully integrated its ecosystem and relying on Digital solutions such as the ones offered by Reload HR, can thrive, and reach its business goals in a consistent manner.