Product examples: Software solutions, Automation components
Value creation: Production & supply chain
Development stage: Market-ready/productive use
Company size: 1 - 250 employees
Region: Berlin, North Rhine-Westphalia

Challenges / User Benefit

For the most part, accessing machine data by connecting to a PLC is only possible with proprietary vendor-specific solutions as part of a closed system. azeti Machina tackles the vendor lock in and offers a cost-efficient alternative to extract machine data and in a next step visualizes it either in azeti’s dashboards or handing the data over to 3rd party systems (ticketing & maintenance systems, BI/BA/ERM systems) thanks to azeti’s open API’s. That allows to gain full visibility of the entire production process as well as to detect if maintenance is required or if utilization of production facilities is at its optimum.

Benefit Details

azeti Machina helps to reduce downtime of machinery and allows to operate the entire production facility at greater efficiency. In order to do so, azeti Machina supports OEE calculation (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).

Solution Highlights

The solution was developed with a high degree of flexibility to address the typical complexity of an industrial environment. With that in mind, azeti’s Industry 4.0 solution can be tailored to specific customer requirements. Virtually any PLC can be connected with azeti Machina. On top of that, the solution also allows to capture additional machine parameters by connecting also sensors. Thanks to its scalability, azeti Machina can be used with one ore one thousand PLCs. Furthermore, the azeti solution complies with the highest security standards. This is reflected by the fact that azeti Machina has read-only access to data and ensures that transport of each collected data point is fully encrypted.

Description of the Industry 4.0 Solution approach

azeti Machina connects through a gateway with the PLC to read-out the data. An algorithm filters and analyzes the data, which will be used to calculate indicators (efficiency, need for maintenance). Open APIs allow to hand over collected data to 3rd party applications (BI/BA/ ERM systems).


Customers gained deep insights into their production processes. Machine data, which would remain trapped inside the PLC, became visible thanks to azeti Machina. This enabled customers to adjust the productions process in order to achieve a higher utilization as well as uptime of machinery and to provide optimal maintenance.

Steps towards a successfull implementation

In a joint approach, azeti and a partner company made test installations at a customers production facility. The solutions was tailored to specific customer requirements and took into account special characteristics of the equipment. The consulting part of the project helped to understand every detail of the customers‘ requirements and were the base to create the use case. The customer was not only amazed by the results of the project, but also by the amount of support that azeti provided. In addition, the open system architecture of azeti Machina providing the customer with full access to its own data was another strong argument, helping to win the customer.


The close collaboration between the customer, the partner and azeti was crucial for the success of the project. The customers’ problem was analyzed in detail and expecations as well as goals were clearly defined. The requirements of the customer were matched by azeti Machina’s capabilities 100%. By gaining access to the hidden machine data, the customer was enabled to optimize the entire production process leading to substantial cost savings.