Application examples: Manufacturing industry, Logistics
Value creation: Logistics, Production & supply chain
Development stage: Market launch/piloting
Company size: more than 15,000 employees
Region: Lower Saxony
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What were the challenges to be solved and what specific benefits were achieved?

The timely supply of production with containers for the JIT/JIS transport of components for vehicle production at the OEM is of fundamental importance for smooth production. With this project, Schnellecke aims at the automatic tracking of JIT and JIS containers both in its own production area and on the customer's premises and in the production halls as a prerequisite for mapping the container positions in a dashboard in real time. The project enables the linking of the container locations with the order data for the containers in the Schnellecke JIT system and thus avoids the time-consuming search for orders, containers and vehicles. By comparing the order history and the container movements, Schnellecke has created the prerequisites for process optimization with this project. "The special thing about the application is that we automated the process and reduced the error rate to ZERO." - Dr. Abaid Goda. With this project, Schnellecke improves process reliability and transparency along the supply chain to the customer and proves its know-how in the digitization of logistics processes.

How can the Industrie 4.0 approach be described?

In the project, Schnellecke digitally tracks every container movement and thus ensures the supply chain with production material to the OEM customer. This eliminates the time-consuming search for containers and the risk of belt downtime at the OEM due to missing containers. All container locations are automatically documented and thus inventoried. Schnellecke measures process (circulation) times, thus monitoring process stability and using historical movement data as proof of delivery times.

What could be achieved?

The added value for Schnellecke lies in the implementation of this innovative solution at all possible company locations in order to achieve a previously unachieved transparency over the entire process, with which the logistical services can be purposefully optimized and Schnellecke adds another building block to its strategic project "Multi JIT Center 4.0". The added value for the customer also lies in the transparency of online tracking and the optimization of his logistic processes. It minimizes its production risk, optimizes its order management and sets standards.

What measures have been taken to achieve the solution?

The project has been implemented in direct cooperation with the customer (OEM). To this end, we have incorporated the active partnership with our innovative service providers and their expertise into the project.

What can others learn from it?

"Our strategic goal can only be achieved by working in partnership with our customer (OEM) and by their willingness to create the interfaces. A "connected supply chain" and digitalization and visualization of the entire supply chain can only be achieved through the involvement of all parties involved." - Dr. Abaid Goda