Cassantec Prognostics – Prognostic Technology for Industry: Data-based Information about the Future

Remaining Useful Life (RUL) Forecasts for Hydroelectric Power Plant

The Cassantec Prognostic Solution determines the remaining useful life (RUL) of key, sometimes decades-old, assets and components. The prognostic reports provide information about when in the future a malfunction is going to occur. This advanced knowledge provided by Prognostics allows to meaningfully bundle costly maintenance actions and to carry out maintenance at the point in time when it is technically required. In addition, the possibility to conduct scenario-analyses allows to assess the impact of the capacity utilization on each specific component. Using these valuable insights, plant operation strategies can be adapted in order to optimize assets’ utilization over RUL and to optimize spare parts procurement. Cassantec Prognostics thereby helps to ensure safety and reliability of the critical assets, while at the same time minimizing operation and maintenance costs.

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