Flexible assembly in vehicle production

Flexible Audi R8 manufacturing with autonomous guided vehicle (AGV)

Autonomous navigation, omnidirectional drive system, the lift and turn system and the mechanical interfacese, concepted together with the quattro GmbH, are only part oft he components, which complete the innovative autonomous guided vehicle system from the company Bär Automation. The flexible conveyour system makes it possible for quattro GmbH, as customer and user, to react quickly with the help of the flexible production line to new requirements and production numbers. An innovative energy system and the possibility to change the cycle time are part of the system.The unique conveyour system is installed for the first time at the R8-manufacture of quattro GmbH at Audi Böllinger Höfen at the plant Neckarsulm. Together with the customer the concept is adjusted and improved during the usual production constantly.

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