Energy-efficient process optimization

Energy-efficient process optimization using the example of injection molding machines in the Weidmüller production

For Weidmüller energy efficiency has been an important field of action for several years. Energy management is not only carried out holistically, but also in relation to individual processes and machines. With success: Weidmüller has expanded its injection molding machines by an energy-efficient process optimization for its plastic production, thereby optimizing not only the energy consumption, but also the efficiency of the production process. For this purpose, the machines were equipped with power monitors and communication-capable signal converters of the type ACT20C, which capture all relevant parameters of the machines, such as temperature, pressure, energy, and digitize them. The subsequently storage of data in the cloud allows the matching data from the production system with further information, e.g., current energy prices. This provides an absolute transparency overall production data. Operating and maintenance costs can thereby be reduced, energy consumption becomes transparent and potential savings are made visible.

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