Application examples: Manufacturing industry
Product examples: Automation components, Software solutions, Other
Value creation: Design & Engineering, Production & supply chain
Development stage: Market-ready/productive use
Company size: 1 - 250 employees
Region: Baden Wurttemberg

What were the challenges to be solved and what specific benefits were achieved?

Secure production is one of the indispensable pillars for a successful Industrie 4.0. On top of the potential theft of know-how, there is a constant risk of tampering and sabotage in production – oftentimes without manufacturers realizing the incident. Mechanical engineers need to add strong safeguards. The know-how that is at risk is often not limited to the machines themselves, but to the actual production data used in modern flexible manufacturing, making it imperative for the communication between machines and sensors to be fully protected. The trend towards increasing connectivity, towards Big Data and the cloud also demands a new level of security at all endpoints. In response to these challenges, WIBU-SYSTEMS has developed the CodeMeter protection technology.

How can the Industrie 4.0 approach be described?

The CodeMeter protection technology has been expanded to accommodate the OPC UA certificates and signatures that are required for communication between devices in secure storage in a CmContainer. This prevents cyber-attacks and protects Industrie 4.0 production facilities from tampering. CodeMeter License Central also creates, manages, and distributes individual certificates, even for individual sensors and actuators.

What could be achieved?

With the risk prevention solution CodeMeter, WIBU-SYSTEMS protects Industrie 4.0 applications. CmDongles, as industrial grade protection hardware, contain a smart card chip with cutting-edge cryptographic capabilities and can store additional information, e.g. entitlement rights. Signatures and certificates add even stronger security: With their help, manufacturers can make sure that only authorized sensors, devices, and machines can communicate with each other. These signatures and certificates can be managed with CodeMeter License Central. The solution can also define who can use which production data. The invaluable know-how contained in the machine code, in the production data, and in the production processes is kept encrypted and can only be accessed with fully copy-protected CmDongles to prevent the reverse engineering of machines or other devices.

“Industrie 4.0 is opening up a world of opportunities. But to seize these opportunities effectively and with confidence, that is, without fear of attacks, manipulation, or piracy, ‘security’ needs to be built in by design and used correctly in all connected components. We offer industry-grade products for the secure storage of cryptographic keys, developer tools for integration into embedded systems, PLC controllers, or PC and cloud-based systems, and their full incorporation in business processes for a straightforward application - with components and software Made in Germany.” Oliver Winzenried, CEO and Founder of WIBU-SYSTEMS AG

What measures have been taken to achieve the solution?

WIBU-SYSTEMS has expanded its existing software protection solutions beyond the office world by introducing secure, industry-grade CmDongles. The developer tools were fully integrated in a versatile range of embedded, automation, and controller systems as well as real-time operating systems. The additional module CodeMeter License Central allows integration with existing business processes, e.g. with SAP, to distribute and manage keys and product configurations automatically in manufacturing environments.

What can others learn from it?

WIBU-SYSTEMS has been able to produce industry-ready solutions by cooperating with research institutes and industry bodies. Mechanical and plant engineering enterprises in particular will benefit from the straightforward integration of complex and sophisticated protections.