Publication 29/09/2020 -

Collaborative data-driven business models Collaborative Condition Monitoring – How cross-company collaboration can generate added value


Cover: Collaborative data-driven business models

Collaborative condition monitoring (CCM) describes an innovative approach that allows various market participants in the network to increase the reliability and service life of production plants and thus create added value for all stakeholders in the value chain. Using this approach, mutual benefits can be achieved in the ecosystem if all market participants share their data and make it available on independent digital platforms. The added value generated from the use of correlation and AI methods (data analysis) can result, for example, in the increased service life of machines or components. The CCM approach is a novelty because it is based on multilateral cooperation between companies and competitors and gives rise to new business models. In this context, it is essential that companies competing with each other at an operational level make available the data that is so urgently required for the instanciation of digital business models in the same way as their physical products and recognise this data as non-related to brand and product differentiation.

This paper addresses these key questions:

  • What rules apply to such a collaborative approach?
  • How can participants in a B2B value creation network be encouraged to share their data?
  • How can data (including shared data) be monetised?
  • Who receives what share of the benefits generated by collective data provision?
  • How is secure use ensured only for the entitled?
  • What are the requirements for legally compliant use of the data?

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