Publication 01/12/2019 -

Revitalizing Human-Machine Interaction for the Advancement of Society


This acatech DISCUSSION identifies specific societal problems in the two focus countries. Like this, it shows possible ways in which new approaches to human-machine interaction can have a positive impact on the development of a more sustainable society. The paper was developed in collaboration with Platform Industrie 4.0 and the Robot Revolution and Industrial IoT Initiative (RRI).

Revitalizing Human-Machine Interaction for the Advancement of Society – Perspectives from Germany and Japan

An aging workforce, a shortage of skilled workers, and aging machinery and infrastructure present countries such as Japan and Germany with similar social challenges. To counteract these potential problems, maintain productivity and competitiveness at a high level, and promote sustainability, digital technologies are being employed. Examples are cyber-physical systems (CPS), artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. The collaboration or interaction between people and machines plays an important role here. Initiatives such as Industrie 4.0 in Germany or Society 5.0 in Japan provide support.

The implementation of these technologies also has a significant impact on the development or change in society. They will primarily perform cognitive routine work previously reserved for humans.
In the course of the digital transformation, however, conditions are being created for a new, human-centered model of human-machine interaction.

The solutions of the two analyzed countries diverge due to different social developments and culturally-induced differences in the approaches. This publication highlights the country-specific differences and similarities and thus identifies potential areas of cooperation for future German-Japanese initiatives.

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