Publication 15/12/2020 -

Describing Capabilities of Industrie 4.0 Components Joint White Paper between Plattform Industrie 4.0, VDI GMA 7.20, BaSys 4.2


Describing Capabilities of Industrie 4.0 Components

Digitization leads to an increase in the amount of data. These large amounts of data can only be processed productively if machine-interpretable information is available that is sufficiently formalized. This applies not only to dynamic online data, but also to the description of functions, structure and features of the technical systems used in industrial production.

The Asset Administration Shell not only supports the standardized provision of machine-interpretable data, but also provides a description of the functionality it offers. This white paper describes the means by which the Asset Administration Shell can provide information about its capabilities and skills of the associated assets. Based on this, possible scenarios are described how this information can be used in dynamic engineering.

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