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Dudenstr. 6, 68167 Mannheim

Logo Siemens

Driverless transport vehicle controlled with gestures - FiFi

Gottlieb-Daimlerstraße 6, 75050 Gemmingen

Logo BÄR Automation GmbH

EMMA Advisory Suite

Kallstadter Straße 1, 68309 Mannheim

Logo ABB


Hortensienweg 21, 70374 Stuttgart

Logo Gigatronic Stuttgart


Drillberg , 97980 Bad Mergentheim

Logo Würth

Integrated humanitarian Logistics at HLO

Hafenpromenade 3a, 44263 Dortmund

Logo catkin
Logo catkin

Mosca GmbH: MOSCA 4.0

Gerd-Mosca-Straße 1, 69412 Waldbrunn

Logo Mosca GmbH
Logo Schnellecke Group AG & Co. KG

Sensors in the Grid

Overfeldweg 23, 51371 Leverkusen

Logo Energieversorgung Leverkusen GmbH & Co.KG (EVL)
Logo catkin

Smart Operator

Opernstraße 1, 45128 Essen

Logo innogy

Stadtwerk 4.0 energy sourcing concept at Lisdorfer Berg

Holtzendorffer Straße 12, 66740 Saarlouis

Logo Stadtwerke Saarlouis
Logo Schnellecke Logistics

Virtual Commissioning

Magirusstraße 13, 70469 Stuttgart

Logo viastore SYSTEMS GmbH

Visualization of the value stream

Bexbacher Straße 72, 66424 Homburg

Logo Bosch
Logo WERMA Signaltechnik GmbH + Co. KG

Map of Industrie 4.0 use cases

The map shows the locations where Industrie 4.0 is already in practical use in Germany - each pin indicting one use case. Further information can be found by clicking on the respective pin. Use the filters to help you refine your search.

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