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Apps for the machine building industry

Hans-Lenze-Straße 1, 31855 Aerzen

Logo Lenze Automation Gmbh

Autonomous maintenance

Kaiserstraße 100, 52134 Herzogenrath

Logo Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG

azeti Machina

Invalidenstraße 112, 10115 Berlin

Logo azeti GmbH
Logo Institute for Production Systems (IPS)

Intelligent tracking of production

Steinbachstr. 19, 52074 Aachen

Logo WZL at RWTH Aachen
Logo WS Kunststoff-Service GmbH

Sensors in the Grid

Overfeldweg 23, 51371 Leverkusen

Logo Energieversorgung Leverkusen GmbH & Co.KG (EVL)

Smart Operator

Opernstraße 1, 45128 Essen

Logo innogy

Value stream orientated production control

Steinbachstr. 19, 52074 Aachen

Logo WZL at RWTH Aachen

Map of Industrie 4.0 use cases

The map shows the locations where Industrie 4.0 is already in practical use in Germany - each pin indicting one use case. Further information can be found by clicking on the respective pin. Use the filters to help you refine your search.

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