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The economic strength of Germany depends on the manufacturing SME sector. There are hundreds of operators in Germany who use Industrie 4.0 technology in manufacturing processes and demonstrate the added value of digital solutions every day. The map of the practical examples provides a current overview.

Furthermore, there are numerous small and medium-sized mechanical and plant engineering companies that are already developing new components for Industrie 4.0. They are looking for realistic, complex and interconnected testbeds where they can test their latest developments in a realistic environment in order to prepare them for production. Likewise, the operators of new digital technologies require appropriate and entry-barrier-free ways to test innovative system approaches and networked business models and bring them to market maturity.

The Industrie 4.0 research map shows more than 500 sites where funded Industrie 4.0 projects are being carried out in Germany. There are a number of testbeds at specialist centres at universities and research institutions in Germany where complex production and logistics systems are tested under realistic conditions and developed further. Networking the testbeds enables distributed production and application processes to be simulated realistically across several test environments.