Hortest du noch oder teilst du schon? Multilaterales Datenteilen in der Industrie 4.0 Bild vergrößern

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Data are important components of industry in the 21st century. The possibilities of Industry 4.0 open up new value creation opportunities and networking potential for companies to generate from the data they already hoard. Predictions based on a larger database, for example, become significantly more accurate. Value chains become more transparent and efficient. In the web seminar 'Multilateral Data Sharing in Industry', these potentials were demonstrated using multilateral data sharing and concrete implementation examples were presented. Michael Jochem from Robert Bosch GmbH explained the foundations on which multilateral data sharing in Industry 4.0 is based. The focus was on the concept of the "triple fractal", which aims to generate economic added value for all participants. The resulting economic dimensions were explored in greater depth by Martin Hill from ifm solutions GmbH. The legal and technical design dimensions and their special features were presented by Ted Kroke (JURICITY Rechtsanwälte) and Sten Grüner (ABB). Concrete practical applications translated the common design dimensions into illustrative examples of multilateral data sharing.
The event was moderated by Karsten Schweichhart, board member of CBA Lab e. V.

If you missed the web seminar, you can watch it here:

Mulilateral Data Sharing
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