Shaping Industrie 4.0: Pioneering. Networked. Based on everyday practice

PLATTFORM PUBLICATION - 2016, the Plattform Industrie 4.0 has expanded existing cooperation initiatives. Providing new recommendations for action, such as in the areas of qualification, law and IT security, the platform has given impetus to the dialogue with politicians; it has offered approaches to solutions for the next steps required for implementation within companies. The online map and the Kompass Industrie 4.0 brought the development of instruments for information and guidance, intended to make it easier for firms to convert Industrie 4.0 into their reality. For 2017 the platform has taken IT security, standards and work/qualification as its points of emphasis (among others); notably for small to medium-sized firms, these topics are of great relevance.

Cover of the publication "Shaping Industrie 4.0: Pioneering. Networked. Based on everyday practice"

This report demonstrates the added-value and the key role of significance that the Plattform Industrie 4.0 has for Germany. Alongside its high level of subject-specialist expertise, what the platform primarily offers is action recommendations that are close to actual working practice and render support, not least, to small to medium-sized German firms. We wish to continually expand this work by the platform in the future, in a targeted way.