Security in RAMI4.0

PLATTFORM PUBLICATION - The guideline of the WG on the security of networked systems describes security aspects of RAMI as well as concrete measures to address security.

Cover of the publication "Security in RAMI4.0"

The many new opportunities that are opened up by Industrie 4.0 also bring a host of different challenges. ‘Security by design’, for example, becomes an indispensable element in design within Industrie 4.0. Security acts as a skeleton that carries and holds together all of the structural elements within RAMI4.0 and, as a result, the design of the Industrie 4.0 component. The guideline seeks to provide the reader with a clear overview of the various security aspects within RAMI4.0. Various security measures are explored using a range of examples that are built upon on all three of the RAMI4.0 axes.