Relationships between I4.0 Components – Composite Components and Smart Production

PLATTFORM PUBLICATION - Continuation of the Development of the Reference Model for the I4.0 SG Models and Standards

Cover "Relationships between I4.0 Components"

The RAMI4.0 model can be used to describe any I4.0 asset. The I4.0 component allows you to create an information technology link, using the administration shell, between any asset and Industrie 4.0. This document aims to describe an information technology structure that can be used to interrelate various I4.0 components and then organise these components into composites for specific purposes.

Such organisation, including for example modularisation based on the principle of nestability [1, page 59] should be feasible not only at a one-dimensional level, but also according to various organisational criteria, considerations and engineering disciplines. For compatibility with the defined specifications, it must also be possible to map this information technology structure as an administration shell.

Published: 21/02/2018