Specifics of the Administration Shell

How companies can use and manage data in Industrie 4.0 on a standardised basis – an application scenario

PLATTFORM PUBLICATION - Plattform Industrie 4.0’s practical test: it has set up a demonstrator for the Administration Shell using a sample two-stage scenario – in order to inspire all Industrie 4.0 pioneers.

Cover der Publikation "Verwaltungsschale konkret"

In the Industrie 4.0 world, each asset is given an Administration Shell – its own “website”, which describes all the information and functionalities in submodels. Easy to understand, and suitable for you to try out yourself: the publication “Specifics of the Administration Shell” summarises the key aspects of practical implementation. It provides insights into the basic elements that companies need in order to establish an interoperable overarching system in their production and in other areas. At the same time, parts of the publication set out the specification of the demonstrator and help Plattform Industrie 4.0 to validate its guidelines and stipulated structures for the “Specifics of the Administration Shell”.

Published: 23/04/2018