Investing in Italian Innovation: Digital Solutions and the challenge of Industry 4.0

German-Italian Innovation Conference

Beginn:29.11.2017 - 08:30 Uhr
Veranstalter:Italienische Botschaft in Berlin, Italienische Agentur für Außenhandel (ICE) und die Italienische Handelskammer für Deutschland e.V. (ITKAM)
Ende:29.11.2017 - 21:00 Uhr
Ort:Berlin, Italian Embassy

The digital economy is offering opportunities to spur innovation, increase competitiveness and foster sustainable growth and job creation, provided that pressing policy challenges brought about by the transformation underway are addressed. Governments are putting in place comprehensive policy frameworks to enable change, and ensure that the digital economy stays inclusive, while mitigating the potential disruption that new technologies can have on the labor markets and on societies as a whole.

The Italian Government score now amongst the frontrunners in Europe in supporting digital transformation processes. Its Industry 4.0 National Plan adopted in 2016 concluded a comprehensive policy of regulatory, financial and fiscal measures to support domestic and foreign investors, with a focus on digital manufacturing and innovative businesses: according to the Digital Tax Index 2017 of the University of Mannheim, the Italian tax system has become the most attractive one for digital business models among G7 partners, and the second in Europe after Ireland. The Italian growing innovation ecosystem increasingly attracts attention from investors.

During the conference, over 200 Italian and German companies and startup will meet to discuss common challenges to digitize their products and services. Cross Border cooperation and Digital Innovation hubs can provide easy access for SMEs to latest design, prototyping and manufacturing capabilities and can help facilitating access to finance. We will discuss how to create awareness on the opportunities of Industry 4.0, how to provide support to the development of innovative investment plans and how to enhance the access to public and private financing.

The conference is structured in three parts:

  • a high-level policy introduction focused on the Italian policy framework to support innovation and digital business and to attract skills-intensive Foreign Direct Investment. We will present the Italian general policy framework to attract foreign investors, both at national and at regional level, as well as the policy framework for investing in Italian Innovation, one year after the launch of the Industry 4.0 national Strategy
  • six pitching sessions among selected Italian and German companies across the sectors affected by digital transformation processes (Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0; Fashion & Design; Foodtech and Innovative Agrofood; Fintech; Creative Industries, Smart Mobility and digital web content; Life Sciences)
  • Policy conclusions by the representatives of the Italian and German Governments and by the Presidents of the Business Associations Confindustria and BDI, who will frame out the results of the German-Italian Business Forum, last 19th -20th November in Bolzano).

Participation is free, but the number of participants is limited. Please register here until November, 19th.