Programme Details and Speaker CVs

Key Visual der Konferenz „Securing Industrial Value Networks“

Structure of the conference

The first day of the conference will cover political and business requirements on a national and global scale in keynotes, panel discussions and a wide range of networking opportunities. High level keynotes by the federal ministry, the European Commission and company representatives will be followed by three panels. In the first panel company representatives from China, Japan, France, the US and Germany will identify security requirements at different stages of the value network and across national borders. In the second panel, representatives of the national security agencies from China, Japan, France, the US, Germany and the EU will present their current approaches. The following joint panel will discuss how to synchronise existing international approaches in order to enable and support the establishment of new industrial value networks.

The second day will deal with key technical issues concerning global industrial value networks identified by the Plattform Industrie 4.0 working group “Security of networked systems”. In four sessions challenges and approaches, such as how to build a secure infrastructure, set up secure communications or achieve trustworthiness in global industrial value networks, will be discussed. Each session will be introduced by two presentations, which will be followed by a discussion. A panel at the end of the day will summarise results and identify elements of a roadmap on how to achieve secure global industrial value networks.

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