The Digital Transformation of Manufacturing Industries

Conference providing insights in digital manufacturing approaches both in Germany and in the US

Veranstalter:acatech, MÜNCHNER KREIS, German American Chamber of Commerce
Ort:New Yory

The German American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. New York is organizing a half-day conference focusing on "The Digital Transformation of Manufacturing Industries" in cooperation with acatech (The National Academy of Science and Engineering) and Muenchner Kreis (a leading independent platform providing orientation for decision makers in the digital world) providing insights in digital manufacturing approaches both in Germany and in the US.

Senior-level innovation practitioners and thought leaders from large organizations working in digital manufacturing are gathering together to discuss the focus topics "Key Technologies" and "Future Business Models" in two different panels engaging the audience to a lively dialog.

With great pleasure we can announce Prof. Dr. Henning Kagermann (President of acatech and Global Representative and Advisor of Plattform Industrie 4.0, as our Keynote Speaker of the event Please visit our event website for further information on all speakers.

The first session on "Key Technologies" will explore a broad range of technologies and will focus on the impact of new processes of concept and product engineering. The panel will answer the questions "what" is to be built and "how" it is to be built. Differences and similarities in US and German approaches will be elaborated as well as significant benefits and improvements through those implementations.

The second session about "Future Business Models" will answer the question on how to apply new key technologies to feasible business models. Strategic focuses of different industries will be highlighted as well as current trends and innovations in the digital manufacturing field that drive the industry's productivity and revenue.

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