Help shape Industrie 4.0: Activities and participation

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The platform has formed five working groups of representatives from business, science, associations, trade unions and federal ministries:

  • Working group 1: Reference architectures, standards and norms
  • Working group 2: Research and innovation
  • Working group 3: Security of networked systems
  • Working group 4: Legal framework
  • Working group 5: Work, education and training

With enthusiasm and openness, the working groups engage in dialogue and other forms of cooperation with companies of different sizes from various branches as well as with experts from other projects, initiatives and clusters at the federal, state and regional levels
The working groups are open, in principle, to all interested and qualified stakeholders. Participants are selected by the steering committee according to the stakeholder’s proven professional expertise and effective mandate to speak for an organisation, as well as the ability to act as a (regional) multiplier. Working group members should also provide assurance that they will continue to participate actively in working group sessions.

If you are interested in participating in the working groups, please send us a short, informative profile
Of course, we also invite you to participate in the platform outside the working groups. Information about events and dialogue formats will be provided on this website.